Bulldog Owners Behavour Academy - ENROLLMENT CLOSED.

8 week behaviour course - especially for Bulldogs

An 8-week online and face-to-face behaviour course like no other - watch the 5 minute video where I explain more...

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As all dogs are not born equal...

I am Sue, a canine behaviourist based in south Wiltshire working with dogs all over the UK and beyond.

My philosophy is simple - as every dog is different - so should our approach be.

If you are struggling with your dog's behaviour, can't work out where it's come from or how to deal with it - then book a free call today by clicking the button below, and we can start to work it out. Together. 


'Bad Behaviour' can be a real pain....

It's a natural reaction when we see behaviour in our dog that is causing us stress, anxiety (or just soul-crushing embarrassment) to want to 'fix' it.

Sometimes however, the real solution is not what you might think....

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Dynamic Dog Assessment

- revolutionising behaviour problems

I'm proud to say that I became the UK's very first Dynamic Dog Practitioner in July 2021.

Studies have shown that as many as 80% of dog behaviour cases referred to vets  have some kind of underlying pain or discomfort which is at the heart of the issue.  That's a lot.

As a Dynamic Dog Practitioner I can assess your dog for signs of pain or discomfort through a straightforward process - and work with your and your vet to help support your dog, and make everyone's life easier.  Book a free call today and I can tell you more...


Looking to adopt a rescue?

FREE Ebook to download

This is Aayden.  I adopted Aayden from a Greek dog shelter in 2018, and have spent my time working in and with the volunteers of this amazing organisation ever since.

I have written a 3 part ebook 'Saving A Survivor' to help you in the first few days and weeks of adoption from what to buy, how to prepare, and what to expect from your new family member.  

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Dalmatian Dog

Couldn’t have taken my puppy Harley to anyone better!! Sue was so lovely and helped me so much with training him. Harley was always so excited to go and see Sue!! Even during lockdown she found ways to help us continue our training. Can’t thank her enough for helping us and can’t recommend anyone better!

A.M., Salisbury

What other Supine Clients have to say...

Sue has an amazing passion and understanding of our four legged family members and has shown great interest, care and knowledge. Tenacious, diligent and friendly. Cannot recommenced highly enough for an intelligent 2020 understanding of our pups’ needs, thanks Sue

FC, Salisbury

She is smashing. Patient and knowledgeable, Sue offered ideas and solutions that I would never have thought of. Thanks Sue.

AL, Salisbury

Thank you Sue!!! Was missing something when our boy Hector came home to live. He’s a rescue from Romania and only 6 months but he was weeing everywhere every 10 minutes. Speaking to sue she gave sound advice and not only that gave me the confidence to sort this out. So important. Sue treated both me and Hector. Thank you Sue!

LL, Sherborne

“We heard about Sue through a Facebook Frenchie site. We were looking for help and advice on what we thought were behavioural issues with our Frenchie Darcy. Thank god we did. Sue spotted that Darcy’s aggressive outbursts toward her sister were likely due to pain. We got a detailed report and help and support round the clock. Since then, Darcy has had further investigations and found that she has several issues that Sue literally pinpointed. We cannot thank her enough for helping us at a really worrying time. Now Darcy’s is receiving the treatment she needs and her relationship with her sister is going from strength to strength. Thank you Sue for your support and kindness .... we don't know where we would be now without you.”

Hayley, Hants