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Dogs!  Who'd have 'em hey?

Dogs are wonderful creatures, and if we treat them with love, care and respect - they make a perfect addition to our family.

They're not ornaments, not 'bolt-ons' and like other family members they need good nutrition, a warm, comfy place to sleep, as well as exercise, stimulation and FUN!

It's a bit like humans - except they're not humans - they're different.  They think differently, see the world differently and act differently.

That's why I'm here - to help you better understand your dog and create a life where you can truly enjoy the very best of them PLUS you'll be a happier, calmer, more confident owner because of it - and who doesn't want that?

Get in touch and I'll show you how...

Best wishes,

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Born and bred in Salisbury, Wiltshire - my father was a market trader and my mother a nurse.  I have two older siblings.

Our family never owned a pet as a child and in fact my first encounter with a furry companion was in the form of two Russian Dwarf Hamsters, Denzel and Wesley,  who went on to have a beautiful little family(!) and I think it was then that my fascination for animals really began.

My first dog was a 5 year old rescue German Shepherd - I was woefully unprepared for a dog that had been re-homed three times previously, and who, despite being the perfect housemate, would react to almost every dog she saw.  Sadly, she was returned to the rescue 10 weeks later... I was heartbroken and exhausted.  I had failed, or so I thought.... 

In fact I had done what was the best thing both for the dog and for me and this led me to my quest to help potential and current dog owners alike seek out their perfect companions and enjoy their lives to the fullest.  Together.

After getting my beautiful French Bulldog Vinny, as a puppy, in 2014, I then set about trying to find out as much as I could about canine behaviour, their genetics and their psychology....  and that day has brought me to this.

I want every dog owner to have the best understanding of their dog - to know them inside and out, and to understand that every dog is different and they cannot be categorised by breed, or colour, or size - but that they are unique individuals that can communicate with us as long as we know what to look out for, and that being a dog owner is a privilege..... and one of the most rewarding jobs in the world.

My approach to my work is evidence-based favouring non-aversive and posititive training methods.

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